T1 Cable

You can easily get a T1 cable, which meets the technical requirements for connectivity purpose. Almost all leading manufacturers of T1 cable supply a standard version of the same.

In general, T1 cable is made of two twisted pairs of 100 ohm, 22 AWG wire. There is another generic characteristic in form of each pair being individually shielded. Both of these shielded pairs are enmeshed in a single PVC jacket.

If you are not able to obtain T1 specific cable, you may well use two runs of CAT 5. Utilize one of the CAT5 cable for Transmit (Tx) signal and another one CAT5 cable for the Receive (Rx) signal. It is a must for the Tx and Rx signals to come in separate sheaths.

A T1 line can be enough for connectivity needs of about 5 to 50 office workers for day-to-day needs. Users can easily share a single T1 line for purpose of regular browsing without any hassle. It is ideal for professionals and business people needing an efficient Internet access, which is a byproduct of high-speed connectivity. The T1 can act as a crucial link in the virtual / real private network of business firms.

A majority of small Internet service providers incorporate a T1 or a fractional T1 supply line for linking up to the Internet. A T1 connection can also function as a dedicated link. The T1 connection will be up and running literally round the clock unlike analog modem connections and ISDN. A T1 Business DSL (SDSL) is cost-effective and hence preferable.

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