How a T1 / T3 works

T3 connection is Enhanced T-1 version, which is suitable for high-end business needs in terms of connectivity. It can carry data at an amazing rate of 44,736,000bps. A T-3 is a high-speed line that is powered by DS3 Technology. It is capable of delivering 44.7 Mbps (44,700K) in either direction. For several years, the fastest, however, an expensive mode to connect was a ds1 or a T1 connection.

DS means Digital Signal or simply Digital Service. Nowadays, along with T1, businesses are switching over to DS3 or Data Service Level 3. It is slowly becoming the preferred choice for several large scale firms with high-end connectivity needs. These are the offices that need a huge bandwidth. DS3 technology is employed for T3 lines. It allows connections to the net at a speed of up to 44.736 megabits per second.

To understand the efficiency at which T3 connection can function, let us take a look at some common line designations. If DS0 runs at 64 kilobits per second, ISDN is 128 kilobits per second; effectively two DS0 lines plus signaling mechanism (16 kilobits per second). On other hand, T1 transmits at 1.544 megabits per second (effectively 24 DS0 lines). Compared with the above lines, T3 operates at 43.232 megabits per second (effectively 28 T1s).

Indeed, for faster connectivity and speeds, a T3 connection is highly recommended. It takes almost 28 T1 lines to build the connectivity network compatible with a single T3 line. No surprise, large-scale firms with massive connectivity needs prefer the latter.

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