Broadband T3 Connection

When one refers to broadband internet connection t3 speed, it implies a powerful combination of broadband and t3 which result in a high speed internet connection.

A broadband internet connection t3 will deliver amazing speed to help you get rid of your connectivity problems and see your business progress faster. Let us understand what the terms "broadband" and “t3” actually mean. The former denotes any "up and running" high speed net access service / solution.

The T3 line comprises as many as 672 individual 64Kbps channels. These give a high download and upload speed. Similar to a T1 line, a special digital interface is required to connect to the T3. A T3 is utilized to transmit digital signals up to 44.736 megabits per second.

It has enough bandwidth to transmit even a full-motion real-time video. It can ensure smooth back and forth of huge databases and files over a busy network. A T3 line is installed as a major networking channel for business firms / educational institutes / corporations / universities that have high volume network traffic.

On other hand, broadband delivers a high speed net connection over an existing phone line. It requires an ADSL modem for you to get connected or stay online. An ADSL modem is not the same as the modem that you might normally employ for dialing into the net. There are obvious reasons why users are opting for broadband internet connection t3. Speed is one among them. Ease of operations is another.

Broadband internet connection t3 speed provides a complete, dedicated and cost-effective connectivity option.

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